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Samara is a professional organization committed to create a responsible individual and bring out the remarkable qualities within one self, through innovative and time tested methods in outbound activities with an assurance to provide unlimited knowledge. The activities done at Samara provide an excellent opportunity to develop self abilities which an individual would require to lead and successful life.

SAMARA in association with Mr. LAV KUMAR KHACHAR & Mr. GIRISH ADSERA has over 50years of experience in the field of camping, mountaineering, environmental conservation and outbound learning activities. The SAMARA team comprises of experienced, well trained and qualified professionals from varied relevant fields. Different expertise not only enables the team members to provide customized and tailor made programs and activities to participants and make learning a fun but also assure specialized attention and personal touch each individual participants. Samara’s focus is to make a child realize his abilities; enable a child to believe in one’s own capabilities; groom each of them to nurture their own strengths and win over their own weaknesses for a larger goal of mankind. It gives a platform to re-discover oneself in the arms of Mother Nature through special outdoor activities.


All our programs focus on three aspects of participants development…

Physical Endurance:

This part of the program focuses on giving participants a taste of their own hidden physical capabilities. Arouse them and help them explore the ability to stand in all situations. Highlights of this segment are rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, bridge crossing, jungle trekking, mountain hiking, animal trailing, survival tricks, swamp trails and many more…

Community Edutainment:

This part of the program focuses on the every individuals responsibility towards the society and community which provides them a world of resources. Community framing, Forestation, Small scale business industry, Energy conservation, Village ecosystem, Environment conservation, Underprivileged world…


This part of the program is all about individual’s self development through entertainment. Participation in program like Tribal Dance, Model Making, Tribal Art, Pottery, Rifle shooting, Simulation activities, Campfire, Cultural activities, living in Wild, bird watching, safari, psychometric tests, team exercise, treasure hunts, team building exercise and many more.

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"I thank SAMARA for giving me confidence and strength. I learnt a lot during my trip to GIR. I made new friends and above all I learnt to appreciate all the gift that mother nature gave us...."
-Zia Ali ( Vadodara )

"I attended the first camp of my life with you ! I am glad that I did it with you . I loved each and every moment in the camp. I am coming in all the next camps by you. SAMARA rocks !..."
-Ashi ( Ahmedabad )

"I was always afraid of darkness and that’s why I never went to any camp. My mother forced me to go with SAMARA and I am so happy today. I am now strong now and do not fear darkness. I do my own work also. Thank you SAMARA. I love you..."
- Rameez ( Vadodara )

"This is my second camp with Samara and I want to recommend to all those who want to have a unique and superb camping experience. From food to living conditions it is just amazing! My Manali camp with SAMARA was outstanding. I want to go once again..."
-Vraj (Bilimoria)

"I have been a part of several camps but nothing matches the experience with Samara camps. The Manali camp is unforgettable. All the fun activities and the group games were very refreshing. I wish the camp could go on and on...."
-Drishtie ( Surat )