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Set on a high rocky plateau in the Aravalli Range and surrounded by forest, it offers a relatively cool climate and views over the arid plains below.

"Nature Adventure Camps"

Children become more independent, adaptable, and responsible when they are out of their protective environment at home. Their receptiveness to new ideas and willingness to experiment new things increase many folds. Under Challenging conditions make Children more competitive and pushes them to in taking calculated risk while trying to taste their own success.

Our Camps not only give them a opportunity to explore themselves but also makes them learn many vital aspects of collaboration, team working and empathy towards each other in completing their tasks and overcoming the challenges.

Living with friends with limited resources make the participants learn to trust and decide between need and wants.

The activities done at Samara provide an excellent opportunity to develop self-abilities which an individual would require for leading a successful life.

Our Camps to look for:

Introduction to Nature Camp – Hingolgad

Introduction to Marine Life – Bet Dwarika

Introduction do Jungle – Gir Camp

Back to Nature Camp – Manali

White Water Rafting Adventure – Rishikesh

Under water Adventure - Malwan

Introduction to Nature Camp – Hingolgad

This programme introduces children to enjoy living with nature. During this camp duration the children experience nature at its best. After the monsoon the plants are actively growing, myriads of insects are coming to life, butterflies, dragon flies, cicadas, beetles, spiders and a host of others besides. This is also the time of the year when our resident birds are building nests, incubating eggs or rearing nest loads of hungry fledging. It is the season when clouds descend to enshrouded the hills or rise in to nimbus heads flashing lighting and thunder reverberates overhead. Springs come to life and gurgle past moss covered boulders. It is a wonder full time for the children to be out in the wilds to experience profoundly changing the outlook in general.

Introduction to Nature Camp – Bet Dwarika

Introduction to Jungle – Gir Camp

This program makes the participant respect the mother nature and the gift of will and confidence it has given to us. Trekking up to the top of Mt. Girnar, spending a night on the top of it and watching the sun rise gives an unmatched feeling of confidence and self respect. Visiting the local tribes and learning about their living and culture and spending a day is one of the key highlights. Learning the village ecosystem, wildlife conservation and many self enhancement activities make this program a must attend for all students.

Back to Nature Camp –Manali Camp

This little more than a week program is designed as to progressively expose the participants to greater altitudes starting from about 6500ft Vasistha to 14000ft Bhrigu Lake the largely and higly individualistic and comfort loving youngsters are sought to be melded into a cooperating and toughened group; innate fears are replace by confidence even failure to reach objectives are seen as an achievement since competition within the group is strongly disapproved. A walk to JOGINI Falls through the orchards and ripening fields of winter wheat, to forest stratification and overcoming fears against the raging Beas are the showcase of this program. High altitude camp, Snow familiarization, Ascent to Bhrigu lake are the key highlights.

White Water Rafting Adventure – Rishikesh

Under water Adventure – Malwan

Bring you the most exciting and adventurous samara camp of the season…

Total Activities :

Morning Exercise, Trekking, Rock climbing, Repelling, Caving, Night trekking, River crossing(valley-Crossing), Tiger lift (Flying-Fox), Commando bridge, Vertical ladder, Tarzan swing, Commando Net, Gun shooting, Balance Pole, Golden horn Chimney, Blind trail, Campfire, Root – finding , & many more.

Things To Carry :

5 Pair of Rough Cloths (Jeans & Full Sleeves Shirt / T-Shirt Compulsory), Cap, Sports Shoes, Slippers, Toiletries. 1 Torch & Water Bottle with sling, Haversack / Backpack, Note/Pen, Important Medicines.